AI Read #004 - Building a Language Model (Part 2)

January 25, 2024 02:03:37
AI Read #004 - Building a Language Model (Part 2)
AI Unchained
AI Read #004 - Building a Language Model (Part 2)

Jan 25 2024 | 02:03:37


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Guy Swann

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"it’s important to step outside of the hype and critically-analyze what is and is not useful. It’s very easy to get caught up in “potential” applications, and allow the imagination to go all exponential on

you. It’s a very human thing. Turning that imagination into something tangible is what a business and an entrepreneur does. It’s our hope this report will be useful along that path."

~ Alek Svetski

Today we dive into Part 2 of the Bitcoin & Ai Industry Report to learn the intricacies and challenges of building an Ai model from scratch! We delve deep into the process, discussing the complexities of data collection, transformation, and the critical integration of human feedback.

Then to complete it, we take that knowledge to address many of the AI myths and misconceptions. Will AI replace humans? Is it going to take my job? Can I train my own AI? Is AGI around the corner? And much more! This is such a great episode for those who want to know and understand the process, of building AI...

If you haven't yet, listen to the first half of this incredible report here:

⁠AI Read #003 - The Nexus of Bitcoin and AI (Part 1)⁠

Check out the original article at ⁠Spirit of Satoshi ⁠(Link:

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